About Alessandro Mancini

Alessandro Mancini.

Traditional Thai Massage Therapist, Pranic Healer Level 5 and A.Y.P.

Dear all.
My name is Alessandro Mancini.

I'm a Traditional Thai Massage therapist and a Pranic Healer.

Our health is already in our system and we all know that it is true, we just need to have it stimulated in a mean of keep balancing our system..

My job and devotion is to try to stimulate and balance your health for your body, emotions, mind and your energy system or life force.

So the best way to not get sick or ill is to prevent to not get sick or ill! How can we do that? By eating better quality food, by doing a regular everyday walk or sports, by smile and have positive emotions and thoughts, this is a great way to try to prevent illines in our life and this is one of the true.

The Traditional Thai Massage is a very reach and old tradition in health care for your body.

Our body is a very much complex system and very much connected to every where within our body, this connection is first done by the water in our cells then it is connected from our nerve system, our bones, our meridians and our enerrgy body.

All these connections must be in balance to keep a good helth and happy life style and the Traditional Thai Massage is defenitelly one the best refine mixed tequenicts for a very effective and rebalancing massage treatment.

Why Traditional Thai Massage is the most effectivemassage treatment?


Also I offer Pranic Healing sessions where we can try to speed up a recovery in basically anything that is relaited to chronic illness incluted emotional and mental.

Pranic Healing can also be used to prevent and to keep a very clean energy body system, auras and chakras.

Why Pranic Healing has the potential to speed up a recovery process in basically anything?


Traditional Thai Massage and Pranic Healing are not intended to replace orthodox medicine but they are meant as a complementary therapy. If symptoms persist or an ailment is severe, patients are expected to consult a medical doctor.


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